Part 1

Part 1: Reviewing and Reinforcing Skills


Welcome to the first section of Module 6, where you will reinforce and review the critical skills you’ve developed throughout this course. This part is designed to ensure that the concepts of resilience, decision-making, and self-assurance are not only understood but also effectively integrated into your everyday thinking and behaviors.


  • Solidify Understanding: Refresh your knowledge on key concepts to strengthen your understanding and application of these skills.
  • Assess Retention: Use various interactive methods to evaluate how well you’ve retained the information and where you need further practice.
  • Practice Skills: Through exercises and scenarios, apply what you’ve learned to reinforce these skills practically.


1. Interactive Quizzes

  • Purpose: Test your knowledge and understanding of the course’s key concepts to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Description: Engage in a series of quizzes covering each module’s major topics, such as overcoming self-doubt, building resilience, making confident decisions, and using affirmations effectively.
  • Outcome: Identify which areas you grasp well and which might require a bit more review or practice.

2. Group Discussions

  • Purpose: Share experiences and insights gained throughout the course to enrich understanding through diverse perspectives.
  • Description: Participate in moderated group discussions where you and your peers discuss how you’ve applied course principles in real-life situations, the challenges you’ve encountered, and the successes you’ve celebrated.
  • Outcome: Gain broader insights and practical ideas on how to apply skills in various circumstances.

3. Skill Application Exercises

  • Purpose: Strengthen your ability to apply learned concepts through practical, real-world exercises.
  • Description: Engage in role-play scenarios that mimic everyday challenges where you must use specific skills such as resilience in facing setbacks or affirmations to overcome negative thinking.
  • Outcome: Enhance your practical skills application, ensuring these concepts are not just theoretical but are actively used in your daily life.

4. Case Study Reviews

  • Purpose: Analyze complex scenarios to apply multiple skills in a cohesive approach.
  • Description: Review detailed case studies that require the use of various skills learned throughout the course. This will involve identifying problems, analyzing options, and implementing solutions using the strategies discussed.
  • Outcome: Develop an integrated understanding of how to apply different techniques simultaneously to solve complex problems.

Tips for Effective Skill Reinforcement

  • Regular Review: Make it a habit to regularly review the course materials. Frequent revisits help keep the information fresh and top of mind.
  • Practical Application: Continuously look for opportunities to apply these skills in your daily life. The more you practice, the more natural they will become.
  • Seek Feedback: Actively seek feedback on your application of these skills. Feedback not only helps you adjust and improve but also reinforces your learning.


Part 1 of Module 6 provides a comprehensive framework for you to review and reinforce the skills you’ve learned throughout this course. By actively participating in quizzes, group discussions, practical exercises, and case studies, you will solidify your understanding and enhance your ability to apply these skills confidently and effectively in various aspects of your life. This reinforcement ensures that the gains you’ve made are well maintained and continue to benefit you long after the course has concluded.