In Person Services

Holistic, Energy Healing & Alternative Therapy

 Embark on a Journey of Inner Peace and Energy Balance

Dive deep into the realms of holistic wellness and energy healing with our tailored services. Whether you’re stepping into meditation for the first time or seeking a deeper spiritual connection, our bespoke sessions are designed to meet you exactly where you are on your journey. From the gentle energy flow of Reiki to the personalized guidance of spiritual intuitive sessions, discover a path to inner peace, balance, and enlightenment.

  • Bespoke Meditation Sessions: Explore sessions like Inner Child, Meditation Bubble, and Meet Yourself, each uniquely crafted to guide you toward tranquility and self-discovery.
  • Reiki Healing & Intuitive Healing: Experience the transformative power of energy healing to restore balance and harmony within.
  • Chakra & Aura Balance Session: Align your spiritual energies and enhance your overall well-being with a focused session on chakra and aura balancing.
  • Empowerment Through Intuition: Spiritual Intuitive Sessions provide personalized guidance, leveraging intuitive insights for clarity, direction, and understanding of your life’s purpose.

Massage & Spa Therapies

Experience Ultimate Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Indulge in our extensive range of massage and spa therapies designed for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. From bespoke massages addressing your specific areas of tension to luxurious full-body treatments, our therapies are a sanctuary for your body and soul.

  • Bespoke and Swedish Massages: Tailored techniques to target your unique needs, offering relaxation and relief.
  • Intuitive and Deep Tissue Massages: Focus on deeper layers of muscle tissue for intense relief of chronic muscle tension.
  • Specialty Massages: Including Hot Candle, Aromatherapy, and Bamboo massages for a unique therapeutic experience.
  • Relaxation Packages: Choose from our specially curated packages like the Head to Toe Massage & Facial Package or the Winter Warmer Package for seasonal wellness.

Facial and Skin Treatments

Revitalise Your Skin with Personalized Care

Transform your skin with our range of facial and skin treatments, each designed to cater to your unique skin concerns. From nourishing facials to advanced skin rejuvenation techniques, emerge with a radiant, refreshed complexion.

  • Facial Consultations: Begin with a complimentary consultation to customize your skincare journey.
  • Signature Facials: Enjoy treatments such as the Pamper Me Facial and Vampire PLLA Infusion, tailored to nourish and rejuvenate.
  • Advanced Skin Treatments: Discover the benefits of Diamond Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, and Skin Needling, with optional enhancements like Phototherapy & RF masks for optimal results.

Other Treatments

Enhance Your Well-being with Luxurious Add-Ons

Complete your wellness experience with our additional treatments, designed to complement and enhance your visit to Little Moon Therapy.

  • Express Heated Foot Treatment: Offer your feet the relief and relaxation they deserve with this soothing treatment.
  • Luxury Pedicures: Treat your feet to a luxury pedicure, available with or without gel polish, for the ultimate pampering experience.

Beauty Treatments

A Touch of Beauty for Your Natural Glow

While focusing on inner wellness and relaxation, we also offer a selection of beauty treatments to enhance your natural beauty and provide that finishing touch to your holistic wellness experience.

Explore our services and find your path to wellness today