Hello beautiful souls! 


Welcome, Beautiful Souls

Hello! I’m Emma, the heart and soul behind Little Moon Therapy. My mission is to guide you towards achieving your spiritual goals and living a life of true authentic alignment. In the vast expanse of the spiritual industry, finding the right resources, guidance, and accountability can feel overwhelming. That’s precisely where I step in, bringing over a decade of experience in holistic wellness to create a sanctuary for your spiritual journey—a place where making space for yourself becomes not just an intention, but a reality.

A Journey of Heart and Soul

When the pandemic unfolded, it cast a light on the urgent need for accessible spiritual guidance and the importance of personal space for growth and healing. Witnessing the collective yearning for connection, peace, and a dedicated space to reflect and rejuvenate, I was inspired to expand Little Moon Therapy beyond the confines of in-person sessions. My aspiration is to support even more souls globally on their path to relaxation, inner peace, and spiritual growth, while emphasizing the critical role of personal space in achieving these states.

Your Guide Through the Spiritual Maze

Navigating the spiritual path can be daunting, with distractions and “shiny objects” potentially leading us astray. My role is to help clear the path, offering clarity and direction while affirming that you are enough. Together, we create the space you need to explore your spirituality, with me holding space for you every step of the way. At Little Moon Therapy, we focus on what genuinely fosters growth and alignment, ensuring you have the accountability and support to pursue your spiritual aspirations with confidence.

Invitation to a Shared Journey

Whether you’re embarking on your spiritual awakening or seeking to deepen your practice, Little Moon Therapy is here to offer a haven for self-discovery and growth. Our approach uniquely blends ancient spiritual wisdom with modern holistic wellness insights, all tailored to your journey. It’s about making space in your life for what truly matters, with a dedicated guide to hold you accountable and support your transformation.

Embracing Your True Self

I warmly invite you to join our community of seekers and explorers. Together, we will delve deep into the essence of our beings, uncover the beauty of the spiritual realm, and walk the path of authentic alignment. Little Moon Therapy is more than a journey; it’s a movement towards embracing your true self, creating and holding space for personal development, relaxation, and spiritual growth.

Your Journey Starts Here

At Little Moon Therapy, we cherish the power of connection—connection to self, to others, and to the world around us. Let’s embrace this adventure with open hearts, making space for ourselves and each other, as we guide one another towards a life of harmony, authenticity, and profound spiritual fulfilment.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Sending Love!

Emma x


What They Say

“Emma is such a beautiful enlightening person, with a fantastic view on life, her positive attitude and direct way of thinking has helped me in so many ways, from important business decisions to personal emotional issues. Whenever I feel like I’m having another wobble I often take a deep breath and ‘think what would emma do’.”

Sam P

“Every now & again you meet someone that you love to be around because they make you feel accepted & understood. That is Emma, she is completely accepting of others, understands everyone’s individuality without any negative opinions or judgement. Quite the opposite actually. She always offers kind words that uplift your mood and helps you feel better about yourself. I know personally that I have felt much better & lighter after spending time with Emma, she is definitely the one that can help you through a rocky time. She is motivational & can often make you see a positive through bad situations. We have often together manifested many new paths & beginnings just through conversation. Through her spirituality Emma has learnt to love & accept herself, this radiates through as she empowers others to do the same. She is very knowledgeable on self help & growth. She has so much wisdom to share”

Adele W

“”Emma is a young lady, wise beyond her years. She shares her knowledge and enthusiasm giving off such positive energy in all she does. Her kind and thoughtful words and actions enhance me each time I see her. I take from our meetings such strength and spirituality to use throughout my daily life. Time with Emma is time well spent.”

Christine B